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GTA SA Place Forum Rules

Post  GTAPerson on Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:55 pm

1. As this game is for people over the age of 18 please warn People below this age that it may be offensive to them!
2. Swearing is not allowed as long as it is not directed at someone! But please don't go over the top!
3. Do not disrespect any Police Officer or Administrator
4. Do not spam the board with useless topics that don't relate the topic
5. The PM system is there so you can contact other members please do not abuse this feature and send spam PM'S!
6. Do not double post in a topic (Posting more then once before someone has replied) unless seperated by 24 hours or if someone else has posted in the topic
7. Please do not post any pornographic, vulgar E.G People getting run over by tractors and showing there body parts spilling out or any other material that might be offensive to other people
8. Please do not be racist to any member on the forum this is not tolerated

If you break these rules here are the possible sanctions:

Temp Ban
Permenent Ban
PM Box Disabled
Posting rights removed


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